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Mindfulness  In  Everyday  Life

Wisdom in Stillness and Silence

Mindful Being is an invitation to a space of silence and inner-knowing.  From this space arises deeper wisdom, joy and wellbeing.  We facilitate this transformational space by forming a deeper connection with ourselves, with fellow beings and with Mother Nature in conscious and creative ways.

Welcome to this sacred space!


Psychotherapist | Yoga-Mindfulness Trainer | Educator-Facilitator | Gap-Year Coach | Youth Mentor | Nature Experience Facilitator

I am committed to creating and holding spaces that bring about inner transformation. I draw from my conviction that being aware of the unfolding of every moment with compassion brings about healing and unlocks great human potential.



Sometimes all you need is a deep-listening space with undivided attention and compassionate presence to rest, release and recoup. A space where you won't feel judged and can freely express anything.  With mindfulness as the base, I hold therapeutic, embodied-listening spaces for individuals and groups.  In this space, I welcome you to embrace yourself as you are, to re-discover your truest essence and to realize your highest potential.  Welcome to this sacred space! 

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