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You Are Loved...You Are Enough...You Can Fly!


Counseling | Coaching | Mentorship

TeenSpace is a safe and brave space where teenagers can discover their most authentic selves and tap into their highest aspirations, precious dreams and gifts, to offer them a fuller expression in this world.


The Challenge:  Teenage years are times of transition and are usually riddled with existential questions. Teenagers are faced with social anxiety,  climate grief and immense pressure to fit in, to perform and find purpose.  Faced with the enormity of competing choices, digital overload and distractions they often find themselves feeling overwhelmed, low and lost. 

The Opportunity:  Teenage years are also times of  immense potential and possibilities.  With the right kind of support and by building a nurturing, trusting, inspiring and a friendly relationship with them, teenagers come alive with great enthusiasm.  They are often brimming with high energy that is waiting to be unlocked and channeled into creative, constructive pursuits.

Some of the questions teenagers explore during TeenSpace sessions: ➤ What is my Role? What is my Purpose?   ➤ How do I navigate academic pressures and exams? ➤ What academic and career path do I choose? ➤ What is my Identity? Who am I?  ➤ What is my Space? Where do I belong? ​​​ ➤ Connectedness with Earth. How do I meet my aspirations while being sustainable, kind and just? ➤ How can I be an agent of change in this world? ➤ How do I plan, organize, stay focused and achieve my goals? ➤ How can I support myself when faced with emotions such as anger, anxiety, loneliness, fear, stress, confusion, lust, jealousy, low self-esteem etc.? ➤ How do I build healthy relationships with my body, my phone, my friends, my family and my surroundings? ➤ How do I take care of my mental wellbeing?



“I have been much better since our session. I've gotten a lot of my work done since then. I'm conscious of the time and whenever my mind seems to wander I bring myself back on track. I completed a lot of stuff in surprisingly less time too! I was pretty proud of myself and I acknowledged it too :D”

                                                                            --A 16 year old girl, Mumbai

Courage | Confidence | Clarity | Creativity | Concentration |
Compassion | Curiosity | Calm | Care | Connection

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