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Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.           
                                         -Swami Vivekananda

Education and the well-being of young people is closest to my heart.  Soon after graduating from college, I joined the Teach for India movement and served as a full-time teacher in an under-resourced community for 2 years.  That experience was transformative and formed the basis for my later engagements in the field of education. 


Environmental Education, Valley School, Bangalore

I have since then worked with the J.Krishnamurti Schools as well as a Gap-Year program and many diverse learning spaces, indigenous, rural communities, unschooling ventures, institutions of higher education and alternative schools.  My journey has taken me to some of the most innovative, creative and conscious educational spaces in the United States, Bhutan, Nepal and across India.

With Happy Stars Class, Teach for India

Drawing from my studies in Educational Psychology at Harvard and the experience of directly working with children, parents and teachers for many years, I now consult as an educator and offer my skills in the following domains: ​ ➤Teacher Training ➤Environmental Education ➤Curriculum Design ➤Parental workshops ➤Design Thinking ➤IKIGAI Workshops ➤Multiple Intelligences ➤Constructivism and Critical Inquiry ➤Krishnamurti and Education ➤Mindfulness-Based Retreats and Field-Trips for Youth ➤Socio-Emotional Learning ➤Gap-Year Design ➤Service-Learning ➤Theme-based workshops

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